Protective coating of electronic components Due to higher levels of integration, it is increasingly necessary to protect electronics against external influences such as dirt and damp. These contaminants can lead to malfunctions on highly-sensitive PCBs. Equally, protective coatings are often applied for EMC reasons. Target offers this service to industrial companies from every sector. Special lacquers are selectively allotted to PCBs using manual and fully-automated systems. The coating lacquers can generally be freely selected by customers. The lacquers preferred by us are made by the Peters lacquer works. The product range generally includes a type to meet the individual requirements of our customers. EMC coatings using conductive lacquers: Thanks to a new procedure, we are able to apply conductive lacquers to surfaces. This procedure is most frequently used for coating plastic casings.This procedure, developed by us, results in almost no one-off costs, and even small numbers of pieces can be finished economically.For series production, we use several fully-automated coating lines. Hundreds of thousands of modules and casings are coated each year in the production hall specially set up for coating PCBs.
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