Service & Engineering

Service & Engineering Many companies, particularly major enterprises, are oriented towards producing in a “lean” manner. These companies have no capacity for back work or repair work. Target covers this area and can flexibly and promptly provide capacity. Technically, qualitatively and administratively, Target is equivalent to these major enterprises, meaning that work can be executed smoothly.Target also offers many options in the field of services. For example, reworking, such as series repairs and product alterations, is also carried out for various large companies. Finishing and dosing work is carried out using precision robots. The technical equipment conforms to the high standards of the customer. Labelling and packaging work is also included in the range of services. Collection and delivery can be carried out using our own carriers. We run training sessions on the subject of conformal coating at the customer’s site, as well as in-house. We share our experience and train employees in coating, from simple manual coating to complex automatic coating. We explain to trainees how to handle the equipment and also the properties and behaviour of lacquers. In addition, we take on engineering work for our customers, up to and including the qualification of procedures.
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